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Social Algorithms 8.0 : MUTATION

17 July - 25 July 2021

Final JURY Information : Zoom Link

Unit 1/// 17:00 SAT 24 July (09:00 SAT London)

Guest Crit
Ronghua Lei (Zaha Hadid Architects)
Alison Cheng (AAVS Cambodia, Witherford Watson Mann Architects)
KeBo Izac Tsai (AA PhD Candidate)

Unit 2/// 19:00 SAT 24 July

Guest Crit
Weichieh Kung (Pascal Flammer)
Wonmin Park (Studio Wonmin Park, Carpenters Workshop Gallery)
Burak Kalkan (Herzog & de Meuron)
Henri de Chassey (OFFICE Kersten Geers David Van Severen)

Unit 3/// 08:00 SUN 25 July (16:00 SAT LA)

Guest Crit
Pedro Ferazzini (National University of Rosario)
Rachele Sipione (SCAAA)
Tucker van Leuwen-Hall (SCI-Arc)
Nero He (Virginia Polytechnic Institute)
Andrew Chittenden (Gehry Technologies)

Unit 4/// 09:00 SUN 25 July (01:00 SUN London)

Guest Crit
Ema Hana Kacar INDA
Taeyoon Kim Zaha Hadid Architects Code
Victoria Jin One Plus / Hwawei / Vogue

CLOSING EVENT 14:00 SUN 25 July (Korea Time)


All tutors, students, and Social Algorithms Research Group members
Each unit to present this VS process & outcomes, followed by discussions

With another challenging year 2021 ahead, architects and urban researchers are asked to deny and re-define the past order of society. Whether living Un-tact or redefining home and office, we all are aware that lifestyle and space will be transformed. AA Visiting School Seoul respond to the changes that architects are faced to intervene, focusing on the theme, “Mutation”.

This year’s theme has been chosen to reflect the various approaches architects have been developing, expecting the creative interpretations of mutation will be placed on the discourse table. Urban mutations can be emerged by investigation and intervention on a series of issues related to the urban conditions, and mutations for the ‘new normal’ can be tested for transformation of form and arrangement.

Mutation can appear anyhow, anywhere, and in any figure. Whether as a new typology, sociocultural feature or spatial agent, whether artificial or natural, mutation responds to contemporary urban and architectural design. A city’s history and locality are embedded in architecture and inherited through mutation. This could be a social intervention in space, a generative design, or any new idea you have, and we would like to welcome you and share your thoughts.

AAVS Seoul has been researching ‘Social’, ‘Algorithms’ and their co-location in the experimental architecture and urbanism for the last 9 years, and aims to open up a discourse platform adopting new design and pedagogical methodologies. The programme will run as intensive 9-day workshop, and the workshop will run online.



James Kwang Ho Chung +

Jongwon Na + Ja Kyung Kim


Jaehyub Ko + Hee Joon Lee


Laure Michelon + Case Miller


Lloyd Sukgyo Lee + Seungah Choi +
Hanjun Kim + Dongyun Kim


The details can be adjusted later.


  1. Who can apply?
    Anyone who is interested in Architecture, City, Urbanism, Landscape, Social, Computation and Design.

  2. Do I need to know the software well?
    No previous software skills are required.

  3. Will lectures be conducted in English?
    Yes, all the lectures and tutorials will be conducted in English. However, it is possible to communicate in Korean with instructors and lectures if they are Korean speakers depending on situations.

  4. Will tutorials be recorded?
    Yes, all the lectures and tutorials will be recorded and the link will be sent to participants, but it is not to be published.

  5. Will it be online?
    Yes, the workshop will run online.

  6. How many hours will tutorials be?
    It might different from each unit. However, you will need to product your project every day for the final presentation, which means you will need to use your own time beside tutorials.


  1. Discounts are available for a group of 3 or more participants. Please get in touch with the Visiting School office or Social Algorithms for a concession code.

  1. Discounts are available for a former AAVS Seoul, Social Algorithms, or SD Platform participants. Please contact info@social-algorithms.com for a concession code.

  1. More discounts are available for a group of returning students, please contact info@social-algorithms.com

  1. The AA Visiting School fee is originally £695 per participant, but since this is online course, the fee is decreased to £500 per participant. (Both include a £60 Visiting Membership fee)

The deadline for applications is: 16 July 2021

Programme Directors: Jooeun Sung, Soomeen Hahm

Programme Coordinators: Hanjun Kim, Seungah Choi

Programme Committees: Jinseok Park, Jaewon Yi, Dae Song Lee