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Social Algorithms 11.0

5 - 14 JULY 2024

This year, our central theme revolves around "The Evolution of Seoul as a City." Seoul, with its millennia of history, has seen drastic transformations, influenced not just by its residents, but also by its architecture. This workshop aims to delve deeper into this interplay between Seoul's architecture and its social systems, exploring how each has influenced the other’s evolution.

올해의 주제는 '도시로서의 서울의 진화'입니다. 수천년의 역사를 지닌 서울은 주민뿐만 아니라 건축물의 영향을 받아 급격한 변화를 겪었습니다. 이번 워크샵에서는 서울의 건축과 사회 시스템 사이의 상호 작용을 더 깊이 탐구하고, 각각 서로의 진화에 어떤 영향을 미쳤는지를 탐구하고자 합니다. 

Real City Euljiro, Unit 4 of Studio X in Yonsei UNIV.

Sensing and Simulation, AAVS Seoul 23, Unit 3

Workshop Outline:

Phenotype Exploration: Building on last year’s theme, we will continue our research into the social and spatial structure of Seoul's life forms. This unit will focus on the tangible, observable aspects of Seoul's architectural and social evolution.

Genotype Discovery: Moving beyond the visible, this unit will dive deep into the unseen forces, the underlying rules, and systems that have shaped Seoul. It’s an exploration into the city's DNA, so to speak.

Design & Computational Experimentation: Participants will engage in design charrettes, using computational tools to simulate future scenarios for Seoul based on its observed Phenotypes and understood Genotypes.

Lecture Series:

Experts in architecture, urban planning, sociology, and computational design will share insights, challenging participants to think critically about Seoul's past, present, and future evolution.

Debates and Roundtables:

Encouraging a culture of dialogue, participants will engage in debates, arguing various standpoints based on their research and findings. This will help refine ideas and cultivate a holistic understanding of the topic.


Final Presentation & Exhibition: Participants will showcase their findings, designs, and projections for the future evolution of Seoul as a city, culminating in a public exhibition for residents and city planners.


Catherine Ahn

NYIT/ Andrew Franz Architect

Fabrizio Furiassi

Parsons School of Design
/ University of Basel

Sano Satoshi

Eureka / Keio University



Nihon Fukushi University

Adetokunbo Ayoade

TheLittleThings AI



Catherine Ahn + Fabrizio Furiassi


Satoshi Sano + Tamao Hashimoto


Adetokunbo Ayoade



Dae Song Lee 

Yonsei University

Jaewon Yi

Urban Architecture Station
/ Yonsei University



The deadline for applications is: 28 June 2024

Programme Directors: Jaewon Yi, Dae Song Lee

Programme Coordinators: Hanjun Kim, Seungah Choi

Programme Committees:  Jinseok Park, Jooeun Sung, Soomeen Hahm