Jinseok Park completed his studies in 2002 at AA, after which he worked on key urban regeneration projects in London, including Coin Street and Kidbrooke Regeneration project, and founded Phos Architects, in collaboration with urbanists and architects, and delivered Nalut University project in Libya. Since joining School of Architecture at Kyungnam University in 2013, he has completed a number of regeneration works including Wonwol Social Housing complex in Changwon and Jinhae Regeneration Masterplan. He was also invited to a number of exciting exhibitions including London 10+ in 2010 and Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism in 2017.

His research interests include the collaborative urban regeneration to generate and sustain social as well as physical structure and the socially engaged design process, working closely with the political, social, and economic reality. These interests have been working in the areas of political changes and social deprivation, speculating the specific relationship between urban situations and their potential spaces in order to design flexible social spaces and generating new catalysts for evolving social changes and interactive relationships between physical and social structure.