Joo-Haeng Lee

Joo-Haeng Lee is an incumbent researcher who has completed his doctorate in computer science at POSTECH as a computer graphics major and serves as a principal research scientist at the human-robot interaction lab at the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI), Korea. Experiments of computer music as a hobby in college dorms led to entering the computer graphics lab at the graduate school. Rare for a computer science major, he could receive a lot of training in geometry and mathematics. Thanks to these theoretical foundation, he conducted research in various fields such as computer graphics, CAD, augmented/virtual reality, computer vision, robotics, and artificial intelligence. 

By utilizing these diverse technical materials for individual artistic creative activities, he has produced works from time to time under the theme of “Code Painting.” Starting from the first exhibition at the Artist NEST event at the Daejeon Science Festival in 2019, he actively participates in exhibitions. He is most interested in computational experiments where simple geometric primitives are combined and repeated to create emergence of unstructured patterns, exploring the vague boundaries of technology and art, symbols and patterns, human perception and physical phenomena.