Unit 2

Get a Room! :

A Single Room for 10,000 People

Unit Tutors: Jaehyub Ko + Hee Joon Lee

Tsuburaya Productions, Ultraman, 1966
Tropical Islands Resort, Krausnick, Germany

Get A Room! : Methodology

* The Megastructure that we are going to discuss is a Non-Contextual Architecture that transcends

the Site, Historical backgrounds, Generations, Functions, Materialities, and Programs.

* It is an Architecture of a Form in which only the Shape of a Building remains.

* Listing and Understanding the Unique Form of the existing Giant Architecture.

Analysing, Disassembling, and Rearranging the Rituals and Possibilities that the Form creates.

Developing and Proposing a New Form that can reflect the Post-Covid world.

Expected outcome

1. Research Booklet (3days)

Surveying the typology that each student selects. Listing and analysing the collections. Identifying the current situation of Seoul and the post-covid world.

2. A single room for 10,000 people (5days)

Developing and proposing a very strong architectural proposal (A single room) through the minimised drawings and images that present the core idea.

A single drawing (architecture plan or section) that composed of 2 line weights (wall and the others) and

A single axonometric drawing. (for each student)

A single hyper-realistic collage image of the exterior and the interior of the proposals. (for each student)


Jaehyub Ko

ONE O ONE architects

Hee Joon Lee

Architect & Architecture Critic