JaeWon Yi is an architect, urbanist, and adjunct professor at Yonsei and Hanyang University. He founded Urban Architecture Station and Real City Lab having a complementary work system after believing that non-physical structure are the core of metropolitan culture, and the study of relationship between that and physical structure and space brings to better urban, architectural lives.

His research interests are the way how political, cultural structure and action change cities, modernization process of Korean city and architecture by social condition, research on metropolis where various cultural layers are condensed and individual emergent spaces there.

Urban Architecture Station works on a range of projects from urban narratives, strategy and regeneration to stage design in reality. Selected projects are Crossing Usadan-ro, Threshold City_Variation Architecture, 670>0 project, Jinhae Chungmu architectural landscape masterplan.

Real City Lab is research laboratory to study themes above focusing on metropolitan Seoul. We have studied Gangbuk, Gangnam and metropolitan Seoul area differently based on design studio and theory class in universities. Now, comparative study of informal and formal city and Gangnam research are more focused.